Tax Information

  • Waxahachie Independent School District adopted a tax rate that will raise more taxes for maintenance and operations than last year's tax rate.  The tax rate will effectively be raised by 20.43 percent and will raise taxes for the maintenance and operations on a $100,000 home by approximately $225.09.

What You Should Know About This Required Posting

    • This required posting is the result of the district not adopting a "No New Revenue" tax rate. Since August 2021, the district has welcomed nearly 1,000 additional students. The adoption of a "No New Revenue" tax rate would have left the district without the necessary resources to secure teachers to keep class sizes reasonable and would have required waivers for Pre-K-fourth grade classrooms to exceed the state-required 22:1 student/teacher ratio.
    • If the district had adopted the "No New Revenue" tax rate, it would have seen an estimated budget shortfall of $35 million in the 24-25 school year.
    • Waxahachie ISD's total current tax rate is its lowest since 1999-2000.
    • While local revenues have increased, state revenues have equally decreased.
    • Changes to the funding formula enacted by the state legislature have shifted the funding responsibility for the local school district from the state, which is constitutionally required to provide free and appropriate public education, to the local taxpayer - you.
    • Nowhere is this more evident than in Waxahachie ISD, where approximately 66 percent of all general fund revenues come from local sources (primarily property tax), while the state's contribution accounts for roughly 32 percent of total general fund revenues.