• woman handing checkFor all employees, Federal law requires that we collect, and remit, payroll deductions for Federal Income Tax Withholding. To accomplish this, all employees must complete an IRS W-F Form upon commencement of their employment with the District. Federal tax withholding should be reviewed by employees at least annually to ensure that the previously filed information is still accurate. As necessary, employees should remit a new W-4 when warranted. 


    Waxahachie ISD pays all employees via direct deposit. If your direct deposit information has changed, please complete a new Direct Deposit Form and return it to the payroll office before the next payroll is calculated. 


    For more information on current payroll deductions and information, please log in to your Skyward Employee Access account. 


    Most district personnel are paid once a month, but some departments are paid semi-monthly. To review the pay dates for the current fiscal year, please refer to the links below or review the employee handbook.


Summary Monthly Payroll


  • The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts requires information to be posted in Excel format.  If alternate accommodations are required, please contact the Business and Finance office for assistance.

Business & Finance Office

  • 411 N. Gibson Street
    Waxahachie, TX 75165
    (972) 923-4631