GT Service Design

  • WISD offers a flexible system of viable service options that provide a research-based learning continuum that is developed and consistently implemented throughout the district to meet the needs and reinforce the strengths and interests of gifted and talented students.

Elementary GT Cluster Grouping

  • Elementary gifted and talented students are clustered together within designated heterogeneous classrooms at the beginning of each school year. Classroom teachers use differentiated instruction to meet the needs of gifted and talented learners in the classroom. Each elementary gifted and talented student has an Advanced Learning Plan to guide personalized instruction and meet the educational needs of each gifted learner. Students work independently and collaboratively on academically driven advanced projects and products throughout the school year by participating in the Texas Performance Standards Project and/or other advanced curriculum options available to WISD teachers. Gifted and Talented classroom teachers obtain state-required training to best serve the unique needs of gifted and talented students.

Secondary GT Services

  • Students at the secondary level are serviced through courses offered by Advanced Academics.  Gifted and talented students are required to be enrolled in at least one course from the WISD Course Catalog to maintain their enrollment as a gifted and talented students. The courses offered will be listed as Advanced, Pre-Advanced Placed (Pre-AP), Advanced Placement (AP), or Dual Credit (DC) and are courses on the 6 point grading scale. If a student does not wish to enroll in an advanced course, the student may furlough from the WISD Gifted and Talented Program for 1 year after which he or she will need to enroll in an advanced academics course for the following school year. Another option is to exit the WISD Gifted and Talented Program. For more information concerning a furlough or exiting the WISD Gifted and Talented Program, please see page 11 of the 2021-2022 WISD Gifted and Talented and Advanced Academics Parent Handbook.