Fiscal Responsibility


      • Providing Stewardship Of Taxpayer Resources In Waxahachie ISD


        WISD’s tax rate is at a five-year low. The passage of all four bond propositions would raise the total tax rate by approximately 3 cents.  Citizens 65 and over who have applied for and received their over-65 exemption will see no increase in their property taxes as a result of this bond.

        • The district has issued refunding bonds six times since 2011 with an interest cost savings of over $29M to taxpayers.
        • Waxahachie ISD prides itself on the financial transparency it provides to all stakeholders and its stewardship of taxpayer resources. The district’s transparency and audit reports can be found on the adjacent links.


        • Waxahachie ISD earned the Traditional Finances transparency star on May 2, 2017, and the Debt Obligations transparency star award on December 20, 2022. The district continues to maintain information supporting these awards on our website.  For additional information on the transparency stars program, and requirements to obtain a transparency star for specific areas, please visit the Transparency Stars website.
        • Since the 2002-2023 school year, Waxahachie ISD has maintained a “Superior Achievement” rating within the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) financial accountability system of the Texas Education Agency. The “Superior Achievement” designation is the highest possible rating bestowed upon a district as part of the FIRST rating. For more information on the FIRST rating, please visit our FIRST Financial Integrity Rating webpage.

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