TEKS Resource System

  • 5 multiracial elementary students holding school suppliesWaxahachie ISD has adopted the TEKS Resource System (TRS) as its Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum or GVC. TRS is an online managed curriculum that is currently being used across Texas in hundreds of school districts. The TEKS Resource system covers all four content areas, including English Language Arts and Reading; Mathematics; Science, and Social Studies. It contains shared units and instructional resources that are aligned with the state-required Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS). TRS is based on the student-centered 5E model of instruction, which provides engaging lessons. 

    The TEKS Resource system was developed by the Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative which includes all 20 Education Service Centers from across Texas. This system was created to allow teachers time to teach through the support of a resource aligned to the state standards.

    "The TCMPC was formed to help schools operate in a way that allows teachers to do what they do best - educate students. By providing schools with a resource aligned with what the state of Texas has determined students are expected to learn (TEKS), teachers can spend more time focusing on students and improving the learning environment in schools." TCMPC Parent Portal

    The TCMPC is dedicated to helping schools maximize resources to advance students’ academic success.


    For more information about TRS in WISD, please contact the TLI department at (972) 923-4727.


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Adopted Curriculum - Amplify Texas

  • In October 2023, the WISD Board of Trustees adopted Amplify Texas for a pilot at Clift, Marvin, Northside, and Wedgeworth Elementary schools.  The full content of the materials is available online for transparent review.