Who were the 30 members of the core values and vision alignment team?

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Nadia White, student; Tatum Griffith, student; Tyler Averett, student; Samantha Christian, student; Emily Speelman, student; Kip Fedora, parent and business owner; Whitney Laza, teacher, parent, and former student; Amanda Grammer, teacher and parent; Dana Scott, teacher and coach; Norma Tosch, teacher and grandparent; Jennifer Hamby, teacher, parent, and former student; Adrian Cooper, staff member, parent, and pastor; Ashley Treat, Director of CTE; Eric McCarty, parent and Curriculum Coordinator; Ashley Cieri, parent and Instructional Technology Coordinator; Derek Zandt, principal, parent, and former student; Jessica Nelson, assistant principal, parent, and former student; Karina White, assistant principal and parent; Tanisha Malone, principal and parent; Tonya Harris, principal; Ryan Kahlden, CFO and parent; Stefani Foster, principal and parent; Rich Armstrong, lead band director; Travis Smith, former student and current City Council member; Julie Farrar, former student; Clay Schoolfield, parent, board member, and former student; Laurie Mosley, community member; David McSpadden, community member; Debbie Timmermann, grandparent, former educator, and board member; Jackie Mims, community member.