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      • Waxahachie ISD offers the privilege of bus transportation for all eligible students during the regular school year.  Eligibility is determined by the application of Board policy.  We believe that our bus service enhances the learning experience of each student.  Every effort will be made to provide safe, comfortable, and pleasant transportation services while maintaining an appropriate level of efficiency.  Effective transportation service requires cooperation among bus drivers, staff, school administrators, and parents/guardians.

        large group of adults in matching shirts in front of school busTransportation Department
        631 B Solon Road
        Waxahachie, TX 75165
        (972) 923-4632
        Monday - Friday
        6 am - 5 pm

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            • The first two weeks of school will be for training and reminding students about badges before consequences begin.
            • Students who do not have a badge for the first time in a 9-week period will receive a verbal warning from the driver.
            • Students who do not have a badge for the second time in a 9-week period will receive a written warning from the driver, the campus will receive an email, and the parent will receive a phone call and letter from transportation.
            • Students who do not have a badge for the third time in a 9-week period will be suspended from the bus for the remainder of the semester.

          ID Badges

          • The Waxahachie Independent School District wants its students, staff, and parents to know the priority we place on safety and security, and that WISD has adopted the following Student Identification Card guidelines.  All bus riders will be picked up and dropped off at their designated bus stop associated with their address listed with the school.


            Each student will receive a photo ID badge at the beginning of the school year at no cost.  The badge and its unique student number will be used to account for students utilizing transportation services, providing a means for easy identification of students in common areas of the school and for other uses as determined by campus administration.  Students must have the ID badge in their possession each day and follow campus procedures related to wearing the ID badge.  If a student forgets their ID, they are required to obtain a temporary ID from the designated school office/location.  If a student loses the ID, a replacement must be promptly purchased from the designated school office/location.  All WISD secondary students are required to scan their school-issued ID badge in order to board and exit the bus.