Multi-Generational Care

  • Waxahachie ISD understands that it takes a village to raise our children.  In a growing number of homes, older singles and couples are assisting in that role.  While the reasons for stepping into this role are varied, the challenges for families are universal.  Waxahachie ISD supports the awesome responsibility of multi-generational care for children.


  • Student Transfers into Grandparent After-School Care

    1. Parent/guardian may receive the Grandparent Afterschool Care form from their campus, the administration building, or download it below.
    2. Parent/guardian and grandparent must physically appear together with a picture ID at the administration building to deliver the Grandparent Afterschool Care form.
    3. A committee consisting of the zoned campus principal, receiving campus principal, and Director of Student & Campus Services will review the Grandparent Afterschool Care form for possible approval.
    4. The student’s current principal will notify the family of the committee’s decision. Students new to the district will be notified by the receiving campus principal.
    5. Committee meetings will be held following each monthly DLT meeting as needed. Called monthly meetings will be held during the summer months.