Semester Exams


      Date Block Schedule Exam Normal Schedule
      Monday, May 15 B-Day B7 & B8 B5 & B6
      Tuesday, May 16 A-Day A1 & A2 A3 & A4
      Wednesday, May 17 B-Day B5 & B6 B7 & B8
      Thursday, May 18 A-Day A3 & A4 A1 & A2
      Friday, May 19 B-Day Make-Up, if approved


      Date Block Schedule Exam Normal Schedule
      Friday, May 19, 2023 B-Day B5 & B7 B6 & B8
      Monday, May 22, 2023 A-Day A1 & A3 A2 & A4
      Tuesday, May 23, 2023 B-Day B6 & B8 B5 & B7
      Wednesday, May 24, 2023 A-Day A2 & A4 Early Release
      Thursday, May 25, 2023 B-Day Make-Up, if approved


          Makeup Exam

          • All students must take their semester exams on the scheduled date and time. Any student not able to take their exam on the scheduled date and time will take them on the teacher’s workdays after the break. A Request for a makeup exam will only be granted for excused absences with proper documentation.  All requests must be submitted in writing for administrative approval.


            Makeup Exam

            • Seniors
              • Friday, May 19, 2023
            • Underclassmen
              • Thursday, May 25, 2023
            • 8:00 am - 3 pm
            • WHS Library


          • Exemptions

            WHS will offer exemptions from some semester exams for students who meet the following criteria:

            • have a 90 or better semester average in that class 7 days prior to the exams
            • must have had no zeros in that class
            • must have been assigned 3 or fewer days in ISS (No OSS or DAEP)
              • Freshmen may qualify for semester and final exam exemptions in up to 2 classes.
              • Sophomores may qualify for semester and final exam exemptions in up to 4 classes.
              • Juniors may qualify for semester and final exam exemptions in up to 6 classes.
              • Seniors may qualify for semester and final exam exemptions in up to 8 classes
            • Students requesting exam exemptions must submit an exemption form.
            • Copies of that form are linked below and located in the WHS Counseling Office.
            • Students must complete their information at the top of the form and list the class(es) that they want to request a Fall semester exam exemption.
            • Deadline for teacher signatures on exemption forms:
              • May 5, 2023, by 4 pm for Seniors
              • May 12, 2023, by 4 pm for Underclassmen
            • Students will be responsible for keeping that signed form and will present that signed form to their teacher on the day of that Fall semester exam. The teacher will sign the exemption form a second time when the exam exemption is used.
            • Any student that qualifies for an exam exemption may choose to take the exam. The teacher will use the option which best helps the student's semester grades in their calculations. 
            • The WHS exemption policy for dual credit courses pertains only to the WHS curriculum. College courses must meet semester exam/final exam requirements as determined by the college curriculum.
            • The students are exempt from the exam only, not from attendance in the class during the exam.
            • Exempt status without attendance risks a grade of 0 for the exam.
            • Exam days are considered school days.

             Exam Forms for Seniors

            Exam Forms for Underclassmen