Arrival and Dismissal


        • Students may enter the building at 7:30 am and proceed to the cafeteria
        • 6th grade may enter in the back of the FAC, 7th and 8th grade enter through the front
        • Following breakfast, 6th graders will transition to the FAC, 7th and 8th will stay in the cafeteria
        • 6th graders are not permitted to remain in the cafeteria after the breakfast line opens
        • All students arriving after 8:20 am will need to enter the building through the front doors
        • At 8:10 am all students entering the building will go to the cafeteria
        • School begins at 8:25 am and ends at 3:55 pm


        • Walkers refer to the map
        • Red arrows indicate the path for walkers to leave campus
        • All walkers, including 6th graders, must exit through the front doors of Coleman



          aerial map of campus


          aerial map of campus