• teens seated at graduationThe Class of 2024

        • May 23, 2024
        • 7 pm
        • SAGU
          • Shaeffer Center
          • 1260 Savell Circle
          • Waxahachie, TX 75165
        • Graduate candidates need to arrive on the 2nd floor in the holding room (above the auditorium) in cap and gown by 6 pm, sharp.
        • Guests may begin arriving at 6 pm.
        • Seating is first come, first served.


      • Photographs by Ivey

        • Two pictures will be taken
          1. Receiving your diploma &
          2. Posed: After receiving the diploma cover, look for the photographer on the right.
        • Graduates must stay in order.
        • Please be patient, this process will be slower but steady.
        • Make sure your diploma cover is turned right side up to help keep things moving smoothly.
        • Ivey will have a representative there to tell you what to do.
        • Ivey Photography will email details to purchase pictures.
        • Remember to smile.

      Graduate Candidates


          • Mandatory Rehearsal

            • May 23, 2024
            • 1 pm
            • SAGU
              • Sheaffer Center
              • Meet in the holding room above the auditorium.
            • Seniors and faculty only
            • Dress comfortably but within the dress code.
            • Wear shoes that will be worn for graduation
            • No cap and gown are required for practice.
            • Remember to represent the best of WGH while on the SAGU campus.


          • Entry

            • Graduate candidates will be prompted during "Pomp and Circumstance" to enter the main auditorium on the left from the balcony stairs.
            • Please walk slowly and stay in a straight line.
            • Maintain 2 feet between you and the person in front of you.
            • When you come to your row, filter in and remain standing.
            • All graduate candidates will be instructed to be seated at the same time.

          Diploma Walk

          • Lining Up for Diploma Walk

            • Rows of graduate candidates will stand in unison when it is time to begin approaching the stage.
            • Watch the teacher at the right end of the row for the signal, when there are only 7 people in line ahead of the row.
            • Line up on the right side of the stage, along the wall.
            • Please stand quietly and face forward until your turn.
            • When you get on the stage, hand your card to Mr. Auvenshine or Ms. Noonkester.
            • When receiving your diploma, reach for it with your left hand while giving a firm (but not too firm) handshake with your right hand.  Right hand under the left hand.
            • Finally, return to your seat and be seated.


          • Exit

            • If you want to gently toss your hat in the air, wait until Mr. Zandt completes his closing remarks.
            • Remember you have to stay in order for the recessional, so you cannot be all over the place retrieving hats and tassels.
            • New graduates will stand in unison at the end of the ceremony when directed.
            • Exit as practiced.

          Project Graduation

          • Project Graduation

            • May 23, 2024
            • 10:30 pm - 6 am
            • Arrive by midnight
            • WGH gym

          Dress Code


              • Dress Code for Ladies

                • Wear a dress, a nice skirt, or slacks with a blouse that is within the dress code.
                  • Exceptions are to be approved by Mr. Zandt or Ms. Noonkester.
                • No dresses or skirts longer than the gown.
                • Professional or dress shoes
                  • Shoes need to be easy to wear while navigating the stairs.
                  • If unsure whether the shoes are formal enough, please consult with Mr. Zandt or Ms. Noonkester.


              • Dress Code for Gentlemen

                • Dress pants
                  • No shorts or jeans
                • White button-up collared shirt
                • Dark shoes with dark socks
                  • No tennis shoes, sandals, Toms, or flip flops
                • Neckties are recommended.

              Caps, Cords & Collars

              • Caps & Tassels

                • The graduation cap is worn flat on the head, parallel to the floor.
                • The front of the cap should be centered on the forehead.
                • If you have thick hair, you may want to bring hair pins to help hold the cap in place.
                • Men should remove graduation caps during the prayers, pledges, and the National Anthem.
                • No flowers or additional cap decorations are permitted.
                • Tassels are worn on the right and shifted to the left when directed to do so at the end of the ceremony.

                Cords & Collars

                • WGH-issued cords, collars, and medals are the only allowed additions to the gowns.