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Class Schedules

2023-24 Schedules are available in Skyward.

Virtual Orientation includes detailed instructions on installing Skyward and downloading schedules.  


Skyward Family Access


Schedule changes will only be made for the following:

  • You are a senior that did not receive a course required for graduation.
  • You have already earned credit for a class or equivalent (summer school, dual credit, and/or credit recovery).
  • You are enrolled in a course for which you have not met the prerequisite.
  • Computer/scheduling error (missing a class, unbalanced schedule, etc.).
  • You need to repeat a class in which you failed to earn credit.
  • Schedule change requests will not be accepted after Wednesday, August 16, 2023.
  • Schedule changes for PreAP/AP classes may be submitted within the first six weeks only.  Schedule an appointment with your assigned counselor to receive the drop form requiring parental approval.
  • Parents & students will receive an email from their assigned counselor informing them if schedule changes were approved, with details provided as needed.
  • Schedule changes for athletics, band, theatre, and dance require a parent and coach/director signature.  Please see your assigned counselor to get the necessary form.
  • Please email your assigned counselor based on your last name with questions or concerns.


Counselors by Alpha House

Schedule Change Request Form  Request an appointment with Counselor