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The Curriculum and Instruction team is dedicated to ensuring quality teaching and learning through coordinated and aligned curriculum and assessment support. We strive to provide purposeful, embedded professional development, insurance of quality classroom instruction for all students and proven instructional strategies, including the seamless integration of technology tools in ways that impact engagement and learning for all students.
The team has identified the following guiding principles to help ensure success across the district:
  • A focus on student achievement and the quality of instruction
  • Adoption of and commitment to district-wide performance standards 
  • Development and adoption of district-wide curricula and approaches to instruction 
  • Alignment of curriculum, teaching and learning materials, and assessment to relevant standards 
  • Multi measure accountability systems and system-wide use of data to inform practice, keep the focus on results, and monitor progress
  • Investment in instructional leadership development 
  • A focus on district-wide, job-embedded professional development and support for teachers 
  • A district-wide emphasis on teamwork and professional community   
If our department can be of service to you to provide information regarding teaching and learning in Waxahachie ISD, please contact our team at (972) 923-4727. We are here to serve! 

Meet the Team

Team Member and Programs Contact Information
Dr. Susan Holt
Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Ginger Robinson
Director of Instructional Support & Counseling Services
District Section 504 Coordinator
Dawn Hilburn

Director of Assessment and Accountability 

Phillip Morgan
Director of Fine Arts
Jamilla Thomas
Director of Advanced Academics
Lynda Solis
Director of Bilingual and ESL Programs, Bilingual Spelling Bee Coordinator
Letty Bernal
Coordinator of State and Federal Programs
Jill Chapman
Coordinator of Advanced Academics 
Melissa Abadie
Elementary Science and STEM Coordinator, District Science Fair, STEM Expo 
Dana James
Elementary Social Studies, Data Specialist, Destination Imagination
Tricia Peyrot
Elementary English Language Arts and Reading Coordinator,
Reading Recovery Site Coordinator, County Spelling Bee Coordinator
Stacee Johnson
Elementary Mathematics Coordinator
Alison Frary
Secondary Mathematics Coordinator
Andrea Kline
Secondary Social Studies Coordinator, Geography Bee Coordinator
Theresa Smithey
Secondary Science Coordinator, District Science Fair Coordinator
Glenda Anderson
Secondary English Language Arts and Reading Coordinator
Ashley Cieri
Digital Learning Coordinator
Debbie Needham
Instructional Technology Coordinator 
Paislee Echols
Department Secretary
Secretary for Director of Fine Arts & Advanced Academics