Weather Policy

Inclement and/or dangerous weather occurs routinely in the North Texas area and, as such, the District has plans and procedures in place to promote student and staff safety.  Parents, students, and staff members should be aware of the following information concerning the District’s weather-related guidelines.


District Policy:

The district considers a number of factors when making the decision to close school due to inclement weather, including:

  • Safety of students, staff, and parents
  • Safe transportation of students to school and back home
  • Disruptions caused for families and in the classroom when school is missed


Classes will not be held if it is determined that buses are not able to operate safely, or if electricity or other utilities are disrupted at campuses for an extended period, making it unsafe or not possible to hold classes.


When determining if schools will be closed or delayed due to inclement weather, district personnel will drive streets throughout the district to check road conditions and will confer with local authorities. Their findings will be reported to the district superintendent, who then makes a final decision to open school, as usual, to open school utilizing a delayed start or early release, or close school for the day.


Every effort will be made to determine this the night before or as early as possible in the morning so that families can plan for closures or late starts. Waxahachie ISD will make the decision to close or modify the start of school no later than 6 a.m. on the day in question.

If school is canceled or delayed, after-school or evening activities will not be held, unless otherwise notified by a coach, sponsor, principal, or another district official.

The decision to close school or begin late will be communicated to families in the following ways:

  • Notification via the district’s official Facebook account and Twitter account. This is the first place that information will be posted.
  • Notification to staff via internal email.
  • A phone call and email notification via School Messenger to all families and staff members for whom the district has current contact information. (To ensure that you receive notifications from Waxahachie ISD, please log in to Skyward Family Access to make sure that your contact information is up to date.)
  • Notification by the district to local media outlets, including KBEC (1390 AM, 99.1 FM), the Waxahachie Daily Light, and the Waxahachie Sun, as well as Dallas/Ft. Worth TV and radio stations, including FOX 4, WFAA 8, NBC 5, CBS 11, KRLD radio (1080 AM), and WBAP radio(820 AM).

There will be no notification if the school day will be held as normal.

If weather conditions deteriorate throughout the day, the decision may be made to dismiss early. All parents will be notified by School Messenger phone call and email, and principals and other staff members will remain on campuses until all students have been picked up or gotten on a bus.


The Waxahachie ISD calendar reserves bad weather make-up days as specified on the district’s academic calendar. If no school days are lost due to bad weather, these dates will be used as holidays.

For more information or clarification of details within this page, please contact the office of Public Relations.