Volunteer Opportunities

Waxahachie ISD offers a number of opportunities for community members to become involved. Throughout the year, Waxahachie ISD hosts a number of events in which volunteers are needed to ensure the event's success.


group of adults posing together in the board roomAdopt a Class

Businesses, service organizations, and churches can partner with WISD by adopting classrooms to enrich class experiences and support teachers and students. Through the Adopt-a-Class Program, (application below) students benefit from a wealth of interaction from community volunteers. The Adopt a Class initiative helps strengthen ties between our local community and our schools. 




group of adults posing in break room


Drop Everything and Read Day

Parents, community members, business leaders, and students are invited to be guest readers on campuses from pre-kindergarten through junior high. Over 500 readers participate in this exciting, one-day event each February that encourages the value of reading. Readers are reading at the same time during three different reading times over the course of the day. Generous donations are made by the community to purchase new books that are placed in the classroom for this event.





group posing in conference room

Go Van Gogh 
Go Van Gogh, a fine arts program, done in conjunction with the Dallas Museum of Art is presented to students in grades first through fifth with grade-level appropriate presentations being made. Go Van Gogh is available to public and private schools within the Dallas city limits. Waxahachie ISD one of only 4 other districts in the metroplex that are part of this satellite program.  A local group of trained, dedicated and talented volunteers give a brief slide presentation discussing art history and special facts about art pieces actually found in the DMA. Volunteers then work with students on art projects related to the slide presentation. The Dallas Museum of Art provides free family passes to the DMA for students to take home. Waxahachie ISD has been part of this program for decades.


group of adults posing in gym


Grandfriend's Week 
Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Grandfriends, and Grandneighbors are invited to join students for lunch and then return to the classroom for a short time of reading and storytelling. This event encourages intergenerational relationships. Grandfriends join students during one week designated in September following Grandparents Day. Guests participate on all elementary and junior high campuses as well as the childcare center. In the 2018-2019 school year, 4,285 Grandfriends joined students in WISD schools.


large group of students pose together in lobby


Mentoring Opportunities 
Parents and community members are encouraged to participate in a mentoring program that focuses on relationships. Mentors serve as a role model and a friend and offer support and encouragement. Mentors are given training on how to best communicate with students. The mentoring relationship takes place only on school property and during school hours. The WISD Mentoring program is available throughout the district on WISD campuses.



large group of men


Opportunities to be a Guest Speaker/Career Day Event 
Community members and parents are invited and encouraged to speak in classrooms about careers, travel, military experiences, and hobbies that would fit appropriately with the curriculum in the classroom. Leaders are encouraged to participate in Career Day Event to discuss Career paths and opportunities.



large group of adults posing in board room

Parent-Teacher Organizations 
Parent-Teacher Organizations are available on all elementary and junior high campuses. Each campus has many PTO related volunteer opportunities available. 

Waxahachie ISD has great booster club support in academic, athletic, band, cheerleading, choir, theatre arts, and drill team areas. Partners in Education works with PTO through its Parent Council Organization. This organization is represented by PTO Presidents from each campus and meets approximately five times a year. Partners in Education has great support on every campus through the work of a Campus and Parent Volunteer Coordinator determined by each principal. The WISD Partners in Education Director works closely with campus coordinators throughout the school year.

The Partners in Education office is located within the administration office at 411 N. Gibson Street.  For more information or clarification of content within this page, please contact the Community Outreach office.