Vision and Beliefs


With an enrollment of more than 9,500 students, each of our sixteen campuses is committed to the continued academic success and well-being of every student. Our 1,400+ employees understand that success is a journey and not a destination. Each day, they strive to be a professional learning community by focusing on learning rather than teaching, working collaboratively as a team, and holding each other accountable for results.

Our district believes that all decisions must be consistent with our vision, mission, beliefs, and goals, data-based, anchored in sound theory and practice, and focused on what is best for the short and long-term interests of all students.

Our district work is focused on the following four pillars and questions:
1. Vision: What kind of district do we want to become?
2. Mission: Why does our district exist?
3. Beliefs: What do we have to believe in, commit to, and act upon?
4. Goals: How do we get there?

Our Vision
Waxahachie ISD will support and empower our community of learners for success in the 21st century.

Our Mission

Waxahachie ISD's dynamic, focused educational experiences will produce graduates who will positively impact the world. 


Our Beliefs 

We believe that

  • meaningful engagement and relationship building are essential for student success.
  • students have unique qualities and deserve a unique education.
  • parents, educators, and the community guide each student in designing and fulfilling his/ her educational vision.
  • every student deserves the opportunity to learn through success, failure, and discovery.
  • change and growth occur best in a stimulating and innovative learning environment.
  • students learning to voice their individual thoughts is imperative for progress in both themselves and the community.
  • all students deserve to be taught by highly effective teachers who are committed to professional growth and passionate about learner success.


Established by WISD Strategic Planning Committee 2016-17

Board Approved: May 2017


Each year, the Waxahachie ISD District Education Improvement Committee identifies opportunities for improvement and charts the future course of our organization via the District Improvement Plan, or DIP.