Out of District Transfers


Application for Out-Of-District Transfers

Although we will be opening new campuses, space will be limited due to rezoning.  However, Global High School will be accepting unlimited applicants for their incoming 9th-grade class.  Visit the Global High School website for more details.

Students must meet certain criteria in order to be accepted. If space is available, the following documents are reviewed:

  • Last report card (1st-9th grades) or High School transcript (10th-12th grades) – must have passing averages in all core subjects
  • Attendance record – must be 95% or above
  • Discipline record – no major discipline issues
  • STAAR and EOC scores (if applicable) – must have passed

If any of the above criteria are not met, the applicant will not be considered.

Process for consideration:

  • Submit application, which is time-stamped
  • Email final report card (or transcript for students going into 10th-12th), attendance record, discipline record, and STAAR scores (if available)
  • Students that meet criteria are considered
  • Enrollment numbers are solidified by the second week of August
  • If space is available, student names are sent to campus principals for approval
  • Parents are notified if the transfer is accepted or not

    2019-2020 WISD Transfer Agreement

    2019-2020 WISD Transfer Policy