Report a Safety Concern


Tip411 is a system for use by students, parents, staff, and community members to anonymously report bullying, drugs, threats, and suspicious, dangerous or criminal activity on district property.

Those without a smartphone can text tips anonymously to administrators by using their school’s unique keyword. Simply send a text message to 847411, begin the message with one of the following keywords, type in the information you wish to share, and hit send.  This will create an anonymous, two-way text conversation that administrators are able to respond to in real-time.




Waxahachie High School


Global High School


Coleman Junior High


Finley Junior High


Howard Junior High


Elementary Campus



Tips may also be submitted from a computer.  The following are links for various campuses. 


Waxahachie High School


Waxahachie Global High School


Coleman Junior High


Finley Junior High


Howard Junior High


Waxahachie Elementary Campuses

girl using phone to report bullying


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Students and parents also have the opportunity to report suspected bullying behaviors by filling out and submitting the WISD Safety Alert Form.