Facility Rental




The Waxahachie Independent School District allows limited use of District facilities by outside organizations/groups.  However, such use of the District facilities shall not be permitted when it interferes with educational programs of any scheduled campus or District activities, including facility maintenance and/or repair projects.

Waxahachie ISD is a tax-supported nonprofit organization established to serve the students and youth residing within the boundaries of the District.  The District may, therefore, differentiate among various categories of organizations/groups (such as youth groups, community groups, nonprofit organizations, for-profit organizations, and civic groups) in establishing the length of time that a facility may be used or the fee(s) charged.  All organizations/groups with the same category shall be offered fair and equal access to District facilities.  Any misrepresentations by an organization and/or individual, abuse of any District property, and violation of state, local law or federal and/or any violation of any District policy, rule or regulation may result in 1) the immediate termination of the contract; 2) the requirement to immediately vacate the premises; and/or 3) the denial of the organization’s and/or individual’s request for future use of the premises.


All requests must be submitted in writing with contact information, dates, and areas(s) requested on the WISD Facility Usage Application Form, listed to the side.  All requests will be considered according to these guidelines.  The administration reserves the right to deviate when necessary to achieve the overall purpose of the guidelines.  Contact Support Services for more information at (972) 923-4645.