State Assessment Exams

This page includes requirements for the state assessments administration.  While the state removed the A-F Accountability labeling for Texas schools and districts, the individual responsibility for students has not been removed.  All students will take the corresponding STAAR, STAAR Alternate, TELPAS, and TELPAS Alternate assessments.  (TEA Press Release) 


Students are to be tested at their enrolled grade level as required in the Texas Education Code §39.023 (a).

The information below outlines all the upcoming testing dates, how it impacts your student, and other essential information to consider on these testing days. It is important students are present at school on the day these assessments are given. The data provided by these assessments helps identify strengths and weaknesses and allows faculty to build action plans to monitor each student’s academic learning and improve curriculum each year.  Please join us in working toward your student’s success by making sure they are in school for each of the testing days.

The state does not offer an “at-home” option for students to take state assessments. Our goal is to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all students while testing.

nd safe environment for all students while testing.

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Important Reminders

  • Avoid scheduling appointments on testing dates, if possible.
  • STAAR Tests are timed tests (4-hours); English 1 and English 2 (5-hours)
  • All STAAR Assessments will be taken in-person in an online format.
  • Students can bring a fiction book to read (NO Kindle’s or E-Readers) at the conclusion of their testing. (Textbooks, non-fiction books, or homework will not be permitted.)
  • Music devices, cell phones, Apple watches, data storage devices, video games, or cameras will NOT be permitted in the testing rooms.  This is necessary for test security reasons.  Due to the serious nature of such an offense, if a prohibited device is in use during testing hours the student will have disciplinary consequences and will be reported to the state as a testing irregularity. WISD will not be responsible for lost or damaged phones. 
  • Students are expected to follow the dress code and not bring pillows or blankets to school on testing days.
  • We encourage each student to get a good night’s sleep, eat breakfast, take their time, and do their very best. We have full confidence in each student!

Instructions for Digital Testing

If students have a school-issued laptop they are required to bring that device for testing.  If students have a personal device that is Windows-based they may bring it for testing.  Students will not be able to use Apple devices or any other device that is not Windows-based.  All devices must be fully charged and ready to begin on testing day.


Prior to testing, students need to download the testing app required for STAAR testing.  


How to install STAAR testing app.pdf 

For clarification or additional information, please reach out to the office of the Director of Assessment and Accountability.