Emergency Procedures


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Emergency Guide for Parents and Visitors


Waxahachie ISD is committed to providing safe and secure campuses where our students can learn and grow. We work closely with local law enforcement and provide training to staff members to ensure we are prepared in case of an emergency. Our crisis management team has developed a comprehensive plan that guides all responses to emergency situations.


Should an emergency occur on one of our campuses, parents can get important information by doing the following:

  • Make sure your current contact information is on file with your child’s campus. This will ensure you receive School Messenger phone calls, text messages, and emails with emergency information.
  • Visit the official Waxahachie Facebook page or Twitter page accounts or the district homepage for information.
  • Please do NOT call your child’s campus. We want to ensure phone lines remain clear for communication with emergency personnel.


What to do during a school emergency:

  • Please wait for official instructions from Waxahachie ISD. These will be communicated to you via School Messenger phone call, text message, or email. Updates will be provided via School Messenger. Information can also be found on the official district Facebook or Twitter pages or the district website.
  • Please do not call your child’s school. Phone lines and staff are needed for emergency response efforts.
  • Please do not go to your child’s campus unless instructed. Traffic jams can impede emergency personnel and can make a difficult situation worse. If you are needed to pick up your child, the district will inform you of the reunification process via School Messenger.
  • When you get to the reunification site, please bring a government-issued photo ID and check-in with district personnel.
  • Students will be released to parents or guardians who have appropriate identification and are listed as a person authorized to pick up the child.
  • If an authorized person cannot pick up a child, the child will remain at the reunification site.
  • Please be patient as we work to reunite all students with their parents. We will do our best to make it an efficient process, and this is made easier with cooperation and respect from all parties.


What parents can do to prepare for a school emergency:

  • Make sure your child’s campus has your current contact information. This will ensure you receive School Messenger phone calls, text messages, and emails with emergency information.
  • Make sure any emergency contact and/or person authorized to pick up your child in an emergency is listed with your child’s campus.
  • Communicate with your child about being prepared for emergencies. This includes taking drills at school seriously, reporting an unidentified visitor on campus or anything out of the ordinary at school to an adult on campus, etc.