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Mission Statement

The mission of the WISD Dyslexia Department is to:

Provide all eligible students with dyslexia with the multi-sensory and phonological awareness skills necessary to compensate for deficiencies in the areas of reading, writing, and spelling, in order to nurture strong self-esteem and to provide opportunities to develop their talents.


Dyslexia Program Goals

WISD strives to have an exemplary dyslexia program for students enrolled in grades K-12. Through a response to intervention process, WISD monitors students on a regular basis utilizing formal and informal observations, student data, and other assessments including but not limited to DRA, ISIP, benchmarks, and/or curriculum-based measures.

WISD is committed to the development and implementation of a dyslexia program that addresses both the Texas Education Code § 38.006 and the Texas Administrative Code § 7.28.

Addressing WISD’s commitment, the following reflects the goals of the district dyslexia program:

    • Identify, refer, and evaluate students in grades K-12 who may be demonstrating characteristics of dyslexia and related disorders;
    • Provide instructional treatment options for students identified with dyslexia and related disorders;
    • Provide staff development that includes:
      • Characteristics of dyslexia
      • Assessment of dyslexia
      • Intervention strategies and accommodations
    • Provide a parent education program that includes:
      • Awareness of the characteristics of dyslexia and related disorders
      • Information on testing and educational diagnosis of dyslexia
      • Information on effective strategies and options for parents to use at home to effectively communicate and help their child with dyslexia and related disorders
      • Information on state assessment accommodations and/or accommodations allowed for post-secondary testing (PSAT/ACT/SAT)

Objective: all campuses, through a response to intervention process, will identify students with dyslexia and related disorders and provide appropriate, individualized services.


Dyslexia Handbook

A Parent's Guide to Dyslexia


Meet the Team


Clift Elementary

Erin Wharton, M.Ed., CALT

Leslie Day

(972) 923-4720

Coleman Junior High

Torre Smith, MSSW, CALT

(972) 923-4790

Dunaway Elementary

Eloisa Rodriguez

(972) 923-4646

Felty Elementary

Julie Rogers

Brandi Harlan

(972) 923-4616

Finley Junior High

Melanie Wells

(972) 923-4680

Howard Junior High

Lori Moore, CALT

(972) 923-4771

Marvin Elementary

Leslie Day

Erin Wharton

(972) 923-4647

Northside Elementary

Roxanne Meche, M.Ed, CALT

Sarah Williams

(972) 923-4610

Shackelford Elementary

Stephanie Rodriguez

(972) 923-4666


Simpson Elementary

Sarah Williams

Roxanne Meche, M.Ed, CALT

(972) 923-4740

Waxahachie High School

Melanie Wells, CALT

(972) 923-4600

Wedgeworth Elementary

Suzanne Laviolette, CALT

(972) 923-4640

Wilemon STEAM Academy

Ashley Mendoza, M.Ed., CALT

(972) 923-4780


Jayme Winters, M.Ed., Educational Diagnostician

(972) 923-4631