Destination ImagiNation©

Think Creatively

Collaborate with Friends

Solve Real-World Problems

Destination ImagiNation© (DI) Program Overview
Our WISD Destination Imagination Mission:
The mission of Destination Imagination is to encourage and foster the development of 21st-century skills, influence the development of a positive self-image, and prepare students to apply creative problem solving to life decisions.

Destination ImagiNation, or DI, is THE largest creative problem-solving competition in the world! Over 250,000 students in 56 countries and the United States participate in Destination Imagination. This popular process-based program helps young people build lifelong skills in creative and critical thinking, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving. 
For additional information about the WISD DI program, please contact WISD Advanced Academics, at (972) 923-4727.