Chromebook Loan Program


WISD Device Distribution Procedures


WISD is committed to providing devices to students who do not have access to a computer at home so our students can complete assignments digitally while campuses are closed. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges for all of us. It is our sincere desire to provide support and opportunity for all of our students so they can successfully complete the 2019-2020 school year. The details of our device distribution plan are as follows: 

  1. Pick-up days and times are as follows with no appointment necessary:
    • Mondays & Tuesdays from noon - 2 pm
    • Thursdays from 5 - 7 pm
  2. Waxahachie High School will serve as our District Device distribution site. The specific location for device pick up will be the Career Technology Education entrance, on the West side of campus, closest to Hwy. 287 Business, on the Midlothian side of campus.
  3. During device check-out families simply drive up for delivery.
  4. Families without transportation or unable to leave their homes may email to make arrangements 
  5. Students and parents should read the Chromebook Loan Program guidelines below. 
  6. Upon arrival, parents will be required to complete the WISD Chromebook Loan Program Agreement form. 
  7. The last day to check-out a device is May 14. 
  8. Each campus has a schedule for device return posted on the End of Year Procedures page.  For more details, contact the campuses.



You will comply at all times with Waxahachie ISD’s Student/Parent Chromebook Loan Program, Student Code of Conduct, and Acceptable Use Policy, incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof for all purposes. Any failure to comply may terminate your right of possession effective immediately and the District may repossess the device, defined as a Chromebook, and Kajeet hotspot owned by the District.



Legal title to the device and hotspot belongs to the District and shall at all times remain with the District. Your right of possession and use is limited to and conditioned upon your full and complete compliance with the Use Agreement and the Student/Parent Chromebook Loan Program Handbook.



If you do not timely and fully comply with all terms of this Agreement and the Student/Parent Chromebook Loan Program Handbook, including the timely return of the device and hotspot, the District shall be entitled to declare you in default and make arrangements for the return of the property.


Term of Agreement:

Your right to the use and possession of the device and hotspot terminates no later than May 29, 2020, unless earlier terminated by the District, upon withdrawal from the District, or otherwise approved by the program. Students will be required to reapply for the program at the beginning of the school year.



Your right to the use and possession of the device and hotspot terminate immediately upon withdrawal from Waxahachie ISD. The device and hotspot should be returned to the campus in good working condition before or on the date of withdrawal. 



Your failure to return the device and hotspot in a timely manner for equipment checks or device check-in or the continued use of it for non-school purposes without the District’s consent may be considered unlawful appropriation of the District’s property.


Use, Maintenance, Damage, & Loss


Students are to adhere to the following responsibilities with regard to being assigned district-owned equipment:

  1. Must comply with all policies and regulations regarding technology (Acceptable Use Policy, Student Code of Conduct, Board policies, Student/Parent Chromebook Loan Program Handbook, etc.).
  2. Students are expected to use their assigned Chromebook at home to complete school work.
  3. Students must exercise appropriate and reasonable care of the electronic device and hotspot assigned to them. 
  4. Must ensure equipment is in good working condition and equipment maintenance needs are requested in a timely manner.
  5. Must ensure equipment is accessible at all times for inventory/audit purposes.  
  6. The repair or disposal of any damaged device must be serviced by the Technology Support Department.

Additionally, the following accountability guidelines and procedures apply to any student who is assigned district-owned equipment:

  1. Upon allocation, financial responsibility is accepted by the student regarding the replacement of a damaged, lost, or stolen device. Damage or loss may be the result of accidental or neglectful care.  
  2. In the event of damage, loss, or theft, the WISD Technology Support department, program administrators, and school administrator must be notified within 24 hours, including the date and time of which the damage or loss occurred.
  3. Upon notification of damage/loss/theft, a 5-day window is established to provide device, explanation, and/or police report.
    1. In the event that the device is not recovered by the end of the 5-day window, the technology device assigned to the student may be treated like the loss of a textbook and the student may be required to pay the current depreciated value of the device directly to the campus secretary.
    2. If the device is recovered but damaged as a result of abuse, misuse, or neglect, the cost of the repairs may be paid by the student directly to the campus secretary. The student may not be assigned another device until the assigned fees have been paid.
    3. If the device is recovered but damaged as a result of manufacturer defect or normal wear-and-tear (not related to abuse, misuse, or neglect), the Technology Support Department will attempt a warranty claim to repair/replace the device.
  4. Repeated neglectful damage may result in the student losing the privilege of using district-owned technology.

Use of Mobile Devices on the District Network          


Waxahachie ISD understands the importance of a student being able to continue with their work when a device is experiencing problems. To assist with this problem, the District is providing the following:


Student Google Drives

The students will have a Google Drive setup from their login. Students can save important items on their Google drive, keeping a backup that they can access from anywhere.


Digital Resources

Many classes have online assignments posted in Google Classroom and other digital resources which can be accessed through any computer with internet access. Talk with your student’s teachers about the availability of coursework and assignments in District approved digital resources.


Devices in for Repair

From time to time, students may need to turn their device in for repair. It is the District’s goal to complete repairs within three to five school days. If available, a replacement device will be issued if repairs are expected to exceed 48 hours.


Internet Safety

The internet will be made available through the Kajeet hotspot. It is possible that students may run across areas of adult content and some material that may be objectionable. While the hotspot uses filtering technology to restrict access to such material, it is not possible to absolutely prevent such access. Content will be filtered through the hotspot device checked out to students while at home and school. Students are in violation of district policy if they access these sites through proxies or in any other manner.


General Mobile Device Rules


Inappropriate Content & Graffiti

  • Inappropriate content will not be allowed on mobile devices.
  • Digital personalization not in accordance with Waxahachie ISD’s Responsible Use Agreement and Student Code of Conduct is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action(s).
  • Any device personalization to the exterior of the device (i.e. stickers, permanent markings, keyboard skins, etc.) is not allowed


Deleting Files and/or Programs

  • Do not delete any files and/or programs that you did not create. The deletion of certain files will result in a computer failure and will interfere with your ability to complete classwork and may affect your grades.


No Loaning or Borrowing Mobile Devices

  • Do not loan issued devices to anyone.
  • Do not borrow a device from another student.
  • Do not share usernames or passwords.
  • Students are responsible for what is found on their devices.


Music, Videos, Games, or Programs

  • Music, videos, and games may not be downloaded or streamed over the internet unless approved by a teacher or administrator for instructional purposes. Please keep in mind this may result in a violation of copyright laws.
  • Illegal downloading and distribution of copyrighted works are serious offenses that carry with them the risk of substantial monetary damages and, in some cases, criminal prosecution.
  • Copyright infringement also violates the District’s Internet Service Provider's terms of service and could lead to limitation or suspension of the District’s Internet service.
  • Students found with illegal files on their device will have their device confiscated, will be reported to law enforcement, and may result in disciplinary action(s).


Transporting Devices

  • Students should treat their device with care, taking extra precautions not to drop or toss their backpack if the device is stored inside it.
  • Always grab the device with both hands. Be sure to grab the device by the base (not the screen) and do not lay a pen, pencil, or writing utensil on the keyboard as closing the screen will likely result in a cracked screen (or other damage).


Student Guidelines for Responsible Use of Technology Resources  


Responsible Use Policy


Student Code of Conduct


Texas Penal Code

§33.02. Breach of Computer Security
    1. A person commits an offense if the person knowingly accesses a computer, computer network, or computer system without the effective consent of the owner.
    2. An offense under this section is a Class B misdemeanor unless in committing the offense the actor knowingly obtains a benefit, defrauds or harms another, or alters, damages, or deletes property, in which event the offense is:
(1) a Class A misdemeanor if the aggregate amount involved is less than $1,500
(2) a state jail felony if
          • the aggregate amount involved is $1,500 or more but less than $20,000;
          • or the aggregate amount involved is less than $1,500 and the defendant has been previously convicted two or more times of an offense under this chapter;
(3) a felony of the third degree if the aggregate amount involved is $20,000 or more but less than $100,000
(4) a felony of the second degree if the aggregate amount involved is $100,00 or more but less than $200,000; or
(5) a felony of the first degree if the aggregate amount involved is $200,000 or more.

A person who is subject to prosecution under this section and any other section of this code may be prosecuted under either or both sections.

If a device you have checked out from the district becomes damaged or lost as a result of accident or neglect, please notify WISD immediately, including the following information:

  • Parent name
  • Student name
  • Student ID number
  • Device serial number
  • Description of the damage
  • Mailing address for damage invoice

Charges for damage to devices are as follows:

  • Charger/cord - $15
  • Keyboard - $15
  • Screen - $35
  • Total device replacement (Chromebook) - $250
  • Total device replacement (iPad) - $295
  • Total device replacement (hotspot) - $85

Here are all the providers that are offering free internet or uncapping data to students:

  • Comcast - free Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Verizon – Tripling data allowances to current customers
  • Charter Spectrum – Free broadband and Wi-Fi to households with K-12 students and open Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Sprint – Unlimited data for existing customers on cell phones, can use phones as hotspots with a 20gb per month data plan for 60 days at no cost
  • T-Mobile – Uncapping smartphone data limits.  Additional 20gb of hotspot/tethering data per month for free with existing service.
  • Texas Education Agency guidance for internet services for students