Bond Overview

The Waxahachie ISD Board of Trustees has called a bond totaling $127 million. Bond projects will impact Waxahachie ISD students at every grade level and will provide more than 1,500 additional classroom seats to accommodate the district’s fast growth.

One elementary school is planned to be located on land currently owned by Waxahachie ISD near Waxahachie High School. The other elementary school is expected to be located on donated land in the Saddlebrook neighborhood. These are both areas of high growth in our district, and would each accommodate approximately 650 students grades pre-K through 5th. The schools will be built simultaneously, with plans for them to open in August 2022. 

The current Coleman Junior High building was originally built as a high school. This building is currently not being used to its full capacity, and is easily able to be renovated for a new high school. The new high school will have a capacity of about 1,200 students, making it a 4A high school. Adding a second comprehensive (with UIL extracurricular activities) high school to our district provides even more opportunities in academics, CTE, fine arts, and athletics for the students in our community. This new high school will also offer early college high school opportunities, as Global High School becomes a school-within-a-school.


Renovations to the Coleman building will include a new gymnasium, a new building façade, upgrades to the Fine Arts Center, updated CTE facilities, and renovations to classrooms and offices.  

When the Hancock building was originally planned, it was designed to be easily expanded, increasing the building’s capacity to 1,000 students. Renovations and additions on this campus will include new academic, fine arts, and athletic spaces. When complete, this building will become the new home of Coleman Junior High.

Our new high school will take over certain facilities that are still being used by Waxahachie High School on the Coleman campus, meaning that WHS will no longer be able to use them. Funds from this bond will be used to expand facilities at WHS to replace the facilities that will be used by the new high school.

As the district grows, we have more students who ride buses. We have outgrown our current transportation facility. Funds from this bond would enable Waxahachie ISD to expand the facility to accommodate the district’s current and future growth.

In Waxahachie ISD, we are good stewards of our buildings. Our four oldest elementary schools, Wilemon (104 years old), Northside (66 years old), Dunaway (34 years old), and Shackelford (33 years old) would receive $500,000 each from bond funds to make upgrades to the campuses. Each campus has a parent group that has discussed and identified the upgrades they would like to see for their children using these funds.

As our community continues to grow, it will become more difficult to find large building sites for future schools. In addition, the price of land continues to go up year over year. Funds from this bond will allow the district to strategically purchase land in areas where schools can be built in the future.

To ensure our current buildings can be used for many years into the future, bond funds will be used to complete large maintenance projects at many campuses throughout the district, including replacement of aging roofs at Coleman, Clift, the Hancock building, Wedgeworth, and support buildings; HVAC system replacements throughout the district; updates to the interior and exterior of buildings throughout the district; and lighting upgrades throughout the district.

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