Waxahachie FFA shines at 2021 Ellis County Youth Expo

At the conclusion of the 2021 Ellis County Youth Expo, Waxahachie ISD students earned two Overall Grand Champions, three Reserve Overall Grand Champions, eight Breed or Division Champions, four Reserve Breed or Division Champions, and 18 Class winners. 

Forty Waxahachie FFA members proudly walked their livestock projects one more time through the sale ring on Saturday, April 3. 

“We couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of our students who participated with our show team this year,” said Waxahachie FFA advisor Jake Mullican. “We want to thank all of our parents, admin, alumni, and sponsors that helped these kids along the way.” 

Waxahachie FFA Ag Mechanic exhibitors kicked off the ECYE with an outstanding job. These students brought 10 projects to show this year and walked away with six class winners, four Division Champions, Reserve Overall Grand Champion, and Overall Grand Champion for the 2021 Ellis County Youth Expo. Two Waxahachie projects qualified for sale as well. 

“Words cannot even express how proud we are of these ladies and gentlemen,” said Mullican. “We are so thankful for all of our friends, family and supporters along the way. Congratulations to all!” 

group of teens pose holding blue ribbons group of teens holding blue ribbons
girl and her father with with 2 lambs 3 teen boys on trailer

2021 ECYE Ag Mechanic results: 

Zack Rios - Blue ribbon, 1st in class, Division Champion and Overall Grand Champion with his Smoker Trailer 

Kyan Frisbee - Blue Ribbon, 1st in class, Division Champion, Reserve Overall Grand Champion, SALE QUALIFIER 

Wyatt Caverly - Blue Ribbon, 1st in class, Division Champion, SALE QUALIFIER 

Tanner Thompson and Garrett Everett- Blue Ribbon, 1st in class, Division Champion 

Ethan Green - Blue Ribbon, 1st in class 

Audrey Hammock - Blue Ribbon, 1st in class 

Jayden and Jesse Middleton - Blue Ribbon, 2nd in class 

Landon Davis - Blue Ribbon, 2nd in class 

Joe Mendez - Blue Ribbon, 3rd in class 

Case Lucky - Blue Ribbon, 5th in class 


2021 ECYE Goat Show results: 

Hunter Walker - 3rd Place SALE QUALIFIER  

Hannah Rendon - 4th Place SALE QUALIFIER  

Remi Crenshaw - 6th place class 1 

Isaac Garling - 7th place class 4 

Jon Ramirez - 7th place class 5 

Corbin Mitchell - 8th place class 7 


2021 ECYE Rabbit Show results: 

Several Waxahachie FFA members found their way to the 2021 ECYE Rabbit show backdrop. Congratulations to our Breeding Rabbit exhibitors, including Ashlyn Summers, who was this year's Best of Show award. 

Anaya Borjas - Reserve Overall Grand Champion Market Rabbits   

Jaylin McKnight - 1st place in jr. doe 

Jonathan Middleton - 1st & 2nd place in jr. Doe & jr. Buck, Senior Showmanship Champion 

Cori Morgan - 3rd place in sr. fancy 

Jesse Middleton - 3rd place in jr. doe 

Jayden Middleton - 3rd place in jr. buck  


2021 ECYE Sheep Show results: 

Congratulations to our Waxahachie FFA sheep exhibitors who competed in the Market Lamb show. It was another great day for Waxahachie FFA. 

Jonathan Middleton - Class winner - breed champion 

Maggie Witten - 1st place 

Macayla York - 1st place, 5th place 

Jayden Middleton - 2nd place - reserve breed champion  

Sophie Smith - 3rd place  

Bentley Crowl - 3rd place 

Jesse Middleton - 4th place 

Harmony Crowl - 4th place 

Kameron Rhea - 4th place 

Shay Ogeltree - 6th place 

Wesley Smith - 6th place 


2021 ECYE Swine Show results: 

Lani Autrey - Breed Champion White OPB 

Kaycen Card - Breed Champion Dark OPB 

Kamryn Alexander - Breed Champion Berk 

Gracelyn Ashcraft - Breed Champion Hamp 

Colt Perry - Reserve Breed Champion Duroc 

Logan Abadie - Reserve Breed Champion White OPB 

Gracie Vantreese - Reserve Breed Champion Dark OPB 

Towne Hood - Reserve Breed Champion Berk 

boy with lamb teen girl and her family pose with rabbit teen boy poses with rabbit
girl and bunny girl and cage with 6 rabbits teen girl and lamb
teen girl and her family with bunny 2 teen boys with their blue ribbon teen boy and his blue ribbon
teen boy with blue ribbon teen boy with blue ribbon teen boy with blue ribbon
teen boy with blue ribbon teen boy in front of his ag mechanics project boy and girl pose with awards
teen girl with blue ribbon teen boy and lamb