Waxahachie High students build 30 bunk beds to help those with none

Career and Technical Education students are tasked with learning a trade in the classroom, but to utilize that skill to give back to the community shows them how impactful they can be in the world.  

Inspired by the show “Returning the Favor,” Waxahachie High School architecture and construction teacher Curtis Green learned about Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a nonprofit dedicated to building, assembling, and delivering top-notch bunk beds to children and families in need. A few phone calls later, Green connected with the Fort Worth chapter and inquired about the need for bunk beds in the area.  

“Kids have to be fed and dry before they can learn and they need good sleep too,” Green explained. “For someone who is sleeping on a pile of clothes, a couch, or a recliner, they don’t have a bed; they aren’t going to get the same kind of sleep they could get if we can get them a bed.” 

Construction students from all grade levels constructed 10 bunk beds on Feb. 23.   

After Green posted on social media about the construction of the bunk beds, a former teacher donated supplies to build an additional 20 bunks, which is effectively 60 beds total.  

Green encourages his students to be aware of local needs and to donate time and skills to help their community.  

“I want students who come out of this program to be well-rounded and understand that there are things more important than the shoes on their feet and that there are others who don’t have the same blessings they do,” Green said.  

He continued, “All of my students have bought into this.”  

One of those students is WHS senior Jacob Major. Major conducted the final check of each bed and operated on the construction assembly line.  

teen boy building wooden bunk bed 

At the beginning of construction, Major noticed the potential impact of the project. It also humbled him throughout the process.  

“We can give them hope that they can take on whatever is down the road,” Major explained. 

Green crowdsourced bedding for 30 bunk beds, and also created a delivery team to distribute the beds to homes in need. Green participated in two deliveries with the nonprofit and said he and his team will personally deliver the WHS-built bunk beds by the end of March. Green noted that the Fort Worth Sleep in Heavenly Peace chapter is currently in need of over 200 beds. 

“We are going to help the whole Metroplex area,” Green emphasized.  

Donations from John Houston Custom Homes, Lynda Isbell Custom Homes and Blackland Building Supply helped make the project achievable.  Supplies purchased from Lowe's in Waxahachie were discounted 50 percent to help with the cost.