Wedgeworth students donate Penny War funds to Ellis County Children's Advocacy Center

Rosa V with students

Wedgeworth students raised over $1,096.14 through the philanthropic Penny Wars challenge. For two weeks leading up to the holidays, students brought pennies to school to see which grade-level could accumulate the most.

“We are excited about how well our students did in such a short amount of time,” said Wedgeworth principal Tim Day.

Linda N with students

The fourth-grade team won the challenge by raising $269.12. Not only did the grade level earn bragging rights, but also the honor to decide which nonprofit would receive the funds.

Fourth-grade student Ely Maddox said, "It was hard and took a bunch of work."

Maddox’s classmate Jonie Hoover said she searched through her Disney bottle for pennies.

Kristen H with students

Once the fourth-grade team received the news they won, the students decided it was important for the funds to benefit the Ellis County Children’s Advocacy Center. The Waxahachie-based nonprofit provides forensic interviews for children who have potentially been a victim of child abuse or sexual assault, are a witness of abuse, or who have been involved with a violent crime or child death.

group of students

When asked why the ECCAC was an important organization to give to, Sorrenity Wheeler explained, "So we could help them have a good Christmas."

Tristan Hernandez said, "For people to have a Christmas and for those in need."

The Wedgeworth PTO will deliver the check that will include an additional $500 donation from its own organization.

Amanda Y with students


Kindergarten —$204.37

1st Grade —$114.61

2nd Grade —$180.30

3rd Grade —$212.43

4th Grade —$269.12

5th Grade —$115.22

group of students