WHS Honor Choir

The WHS Choir Department is thrilled to announce the results of the Region and 9th and 10th-grade treble and tenor bass honor choir auditions. Thirty-four students competed and 26 students earned a place in 1 of 4 choirs. Joselynne Hernandez, Melody Green and Matthew Snowden are advancing to the pre-area 3rd round of All-State Choir auditions.

Region Choir Members:
Joselynne Hernandez: Soprano 1 - 6th chair
Melody Green: Soprano 2- 7th chair
Matthew Snowden, Tenor 1 - 6th chair

District Choir Members:
Ian Granado, Tenor 1 - 20th chair
John Cook, Tenor 1 - 25th chair
Bryce Marshall, Tenor 2 - 26th chair
Bo Mcqueen, Bass 1 - 27th chair

Honor Tenor Bass Choir Members:

Ty Bennet, Bass - 1st chair
Dalton Furlow, Bass - 3rd chair
Connor Casey, Bass - 4th chair
Isaac Major, Tenor 2 - 4th chair
Rex Muhlestein, Tenor 2 - 6th chair
Eric Tran, Tenor 2 - 8th chair
Omar Palafox, Bass - 9th chair
Joshua Padilla, Tenor 2 - 15th chair
Klayton Huneycutt, Bass - 17th chair
Kenon Wright, Tenor 1 - 19th chair

Honor Treble Choir Members

Cailyn Holloway, Sop 1 - 1st chair
Ashleigh Batman, Alto - 2nd chair
Jasmine Saenz, Sop 1 - 3rd chair
Alicia Rochester, Alto - 3rd chair
Makenzi Dively, Sop 2 - 4th chair
Emma Morris, Sop2 - 7th chair
Leilani Calderon, Sop 1 - 9th chair
Isabella Robertson, Sop 2 - 9th chair
Dayanara Fernandez, Sop 2 - 11th chair