Safety & Security

  • Dear Waxahachie ISD Senior Families,


    In light of the tragic events in Uvalde CISD earlier this week, Waxahachie ISD has made the decision to increase security measures for the Global High School and Waxahachie High School graduation ceremonies. We want to be clear that we do not believe there is any threat to either graduation ceremony; these additional security measures are being taken out of an abundance of caution.


    • No ground-level entrances will be available for graduation attendees. 
    • We will have an increased presence of Waxahachie Police Department and WISD security personnel.
    • We strongly encourage families not to bring purses, bags, backpacks, coolers, etc.
    • If you are NOT carrying a bag of any kind, please enter through the mezzanine entrances on the right (Gate 4).
    • Families who do need to bring bags will be asked to enter through the mezzanine entrances on the left (Gate 5). All bags coming into Lumpkins Stadium will be searched by Waxahachie ISD security personnel. 
    • For those who choose to sit on the visitor’s side of Lumpkins Stadium, please use Gate 1. If you do NOT have a bag, please use the line on the right. If you need to bring a bag into the stadium, please use the line on the left. 
    • Waxahachie ISD reserves the right to use a metal detector to search any graduation ceremony attendee or graduate. 


    We want every graduate and every family to have a wonderful experience at the graduation ceremony, and we will strive to make these security measures as unobtrusive as possible. However, bag searches and other security measures may delay entrance to the graduation venue. Please plan accordingly to arrive early, and exercise patience with our staff. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we work to keep all graduation attendees safe. 



    • Graduate candidates need to arrive at Coleman Junior High Fine Arts Center promptly at 6 pm.
    • Park in the back parking lot and enter through the back doors of the FAC.
    • Stop at tables to check-in and for a dress code check.
    • Quickly find your seat in the FAC.  Do not switch names on seats.
    • Students must be in the dress code.  Any senior not in the dress code will not be allowed to walk.
    • Students are not allowed to decorate their caps.  Students will not be allowed to walk with decorated caps.
    • Only stoles/cords issued by WHS may be worn.
    • Jostens will be at Coleman with tassels for purchase for $10, cash only.  There will be a limited in stock, so first-come, first-served.
    • Seniors will be transported from CJH to the stadium on school buses.  You will line up at the north end of the stadium and proceed to your seats at the designated time.
    • Pictures are not to be taken on the field before or after graduation.
    • Cell phones must be dark, silent, and out of sight for the duration of the graduation ceremony.
    • Seniors will graduate in the following order:  Top 10, Student Council, Alphabetical.
    • At the conclusion of the fireworks show, seniors will proceed in reverse alpha order to the south end of the stadium and out to the parking lots to meet up with family and friends.  Buses will not transport students back to Coleman.

Mandatory Practice

  • May 27
    8:30 am
    Coleman Junior High
    Fine Arts Center
    • arrive at Coleman Junior High Fine Arts Center at 8:30 am
    • park in the back parking lot and enter through the back doors of the FAC
    • quickly find your seat in the FAC for a run-through of the evening ceremony
    • mandatory practice for any senior walking in the ceremony

Dress Code

  • Ladies
    • no dress longer than the gown
    • dress shoes
    • no spike heels
    • dress pants
    • dress shirt
    • collared shirt
    • tie (optional)